Assumed REBEL!


Katona “Kat”

Player Character


PC is a citizen that’s been living in Ravenholm. Captured by the combine. In RPG tradition, she’s now had her home blown up. TWICE. How’s that for sad, bitches?

Player is an assumed rebel, that was captured during the Combine’s assault on Black Mesa East. He is sent to a prison camp, where interrogations begin, but is rescued during a valiant escape attempt by rebels accomplices on the outside. Our story progresses from there.

In reality, the player wanted nothing to do with any of this. He wanted to live his life, and not be concerned with the rebellion and the combine. This is all too much for most ordinary people. How can an average person cope with aliens from space, slowly consuming the planet?

Simple. We Adapt. It’s what humans do best. Unfortunately, some of us only do so when our environment suddenly forces us to.


Destiny Talia