Ch1 – Anagenesis

  • Ravenholm /Black Mesa East
    • Ravenholm before necrotics infestation
    • Black Mesa East – Acquire HEV suit and Grav gun.
  • Prison Camp
    • Processing and Interrogation
  • Escape (Shoreline map)
    • Make it to the shore
    • Find Ferry

Chapter 2 – rEvolution

  • City XX / Rebel Base
  • Objective 1 (Within City)
  • Objective 2 (Just outside? Don’t know. Will think)

Chapter 3 – Conspicuous Consumption

  • Combine Facility (Probably VERY near city)
    • Necrotics Plant
    • “Air Conditioner”
    • Teleportation facility


  • Alyx-like companion – Combat ready, but hanging onto the will to fight by a thread. Already lost a lot since the occupation began.
  • Minerva like Guide – A radio or text based character, that will guide, taunt, and inspire the player as well.
  • 2 more rebels that will show up occassionally. These need to be re-occuring.

What we need to know is this: How would the Combine be removing all those precious resources? Funnelling it through a continous teleporter, of course. They must have cross-dimension communications channels as well. So they’d need these teleportation facilities in various places to process the raw materials. If it’s the middle of a city, most likely the facility is going to churn out things like combine soldiers as well, so there will be a combine train to take people to somewhere like Nova Prospekt to process.